Peace of mind for the price of a small coffee*.

Your website back up and running in no time, when disaster strikes.

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We learnt the hard way, like many others, how desperate things can get if your website suffers a random attack, and you have no backups. Over the last 8 years, we have designed a robust Maintenance & Security program for Static and Content Managed Websites alike that offers ultimate peace of mind for website owners like you.

The Ultimate Website Maintenance Plan is delivered by an Award Winning Digital Agency based in Denver, Colorado, and costs just $58 + vat, per month.  *That's less than the price of a small coffee every day of the working week!

<strong>Brian Jensen</strong>Commercial DirectorEvery month, without fail, our team will carry out:

  • A full update of your website's Content Management System (if it's on one), e.g. WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Joomla, etc.
  • Check of all 3rd party plugins and add-ons that are being used to ensure compatibility, security, and reliability
  • Apply all available, and stable, security updates to your website to ensure protection from attack
  • A monthly backup, saved in three separate locations (one off-site and two in the cloud)
  • Clearing of all file caches to reduce server load (and therefore increase performance)
  • Report back to you and liaise on any critical issues

<strong>Annie Jensen</strong>StrategistPLUS, you will get:

  • Nightly backups of your entire website and it's data for ultimate piece of mind in a disaster situation
  • 24/7 access to someone that can help via support mobile number
  • Pro-active monitoring of your site to highlight errors or critical updates

The benefits of all of this to you are many:

  • Peace of mind that the website is checked over every month, and that any errors are spotted before you spot them and security patches applied before the site becomes vulnerable
  • Access to urgent help at any time via a dedicated phone line and mobile numbers for the team
  • Far cheaper than ad-hoc support work (which would be billed at between $46 and $154 per hour as and when issues arise, depending on your agency)
  • Direct Debits for convenience
  • Your site back up and running in a few hours if ever a disaster occurs

The Maintenance Plan costs just $58 per month (+ vat), and is an annual contract. You can however cancel the plan at any time with at least 2 months written notice.  Call today on 1-303-548-6232, or email

We can maintain your website even if we don't host it, but the system is more robust and secure if we *do* host it.  Our website hosting starts at $15 per month (find out more here).

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